Lemann Fellowships at MIT

Since 2015 the Lemann Foundation has been supporting Brazilian students further their studies at MIT through the Lemann Education Fellowships.

In 2019 the Lemann Foundation and the MIT-Brazil Program, in cooperation with MIT’s Center for International Studies, have established the Lemann Visiting Fellows of Practice Program. Due to the pandemic and the Institute's limitations in who can be on campus, a new call for proposals will be open during summer 2021. If you have questions, please send an email to lemannfellowships at mit dot edu.

Please find below more information on both Fellowships:


>> Lemann Education Fellowships -  Annual call/ Apply by April 1st

The Lemann Education Fellowships were established in 2015 at MIT to give Brazilians the opportunity to further their studies in education (educational technology and innovation, educational policy and reform), and related areas of social impact in Brazil, including public administration, public policy in general, including health policy and management. Fellowships support graduate students who are Brazilian citizens at the Sloan School of Management (Sloan); the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (SHASS); the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P); the School of Science (Science); or the School of Engineering (SEng). Fellowships are awarded via the MIT-Brazil Selection Committee through a competitive process after admission to the Institute. To be eligible to apply for a Lemann Fellowship, applicants must first be accepted to a degree program at MIT and show their connections to the topics supported by the Fellowship. For details and access to the application materials, please send an email to lemannfellowships@mit.edu


Application deadline:  April 1 (the applicant needs to have been accepted by an MIT degree program, not as a visiting student)

Admission Decision: Early April

Selected students will have their fellowship begin with the Fall Term.


>> Lemann Visiting Fellows of Practice Program - a new call will be advertised in Summer 2021 

The Program is a non-degree opportunity in which Brazilian professionals who are outstanding senior practitioners in their fields will pursue a period of reflection, and engagement with MIT scholars and students for either three months or six months. The main objective(s) of the applicants to this Fellowship program should be to promote creative learning in Brazilian schools, and/or encourage effective implementation of reforms to improve Brazil’s education and social policies. The Program is flexible to cover different types of projects, prioritizing proposals that are innovative in the Brazilian context. 

At MIT, the Brazilian scholars will enjoy a vibrant learning environment with people from all over the world in an interactive atmosphere where advancement of knowledge and innovation are the drivers. They will be encouraged to link research and practice, engage in further developing their understanding of specific policy issues in Brazil and have an opportunity to further their own work.  The Program offers a unique opportunity for experienced Brazilian professionals committed to social impact and education, to take time and invest in a practical program at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  

To nominate someone, and for details on eligibility, timeline, resources and requirements, please send an email to lemannfellowships at mit dot edu.


The Lemann Foundation, a nonprofit family organization founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, works to ensure that all Brazilian children have quality public education and to create a network of talented people dedicated to solving social problems in Brazil. To achieve this goal, we develop programs that impact millions of public school students throughout Brazil and support institutions of excellence that work for a fairer and more developed country. For more information about the Lemann Fellowship and/or former Lemann Fellows, please visit the Lemann Foundation website.