C6 Bank

C6 Bank is a commercial retail bank initiating its operations in the Brazilian market, focusing on medium and small companies and individuals.Their goal is to offer a full platform of financial services, including traditional daily banking services such as: current account, wire transfers, credit, credit card, etc.



Host Type

Project 1: The C6 Bank commercial project for small and medium-sized companies intends to occupy a market gap with many opportunities in Brazilian banking segment through the relationship and adequate offer of services, products and credit for this public, currently disregarded by traditional Brazilian banks, through customized attendance to clients by highly qualified business consultants and a complete digital platform that connects customers, consultants and business partners via marketplace. The intern is expected to develop a borad incentive plan for business consultants with objective measures of results, fully linking effort and success. Portuguese knowledge is not a prerequisite.

Project 2: This project will look for a cost optimization of the customer acquisition and customer onboarding processes. Those processes are critical to the commercial success of the bank and represent an important share of its expenses. The systems and procedures that support those processes were implemented in the end of the 2018, with relatively low level of automation and there is an optimization roadmap that will be implemented throughout 2019 and the intern will take part of this effort. Proficiency in Portuguese at a professional level is required.

Project 3: Delivery of an analytics solution (a model) that solves a real problem of a Bank’s business unit. The project will emcompass the discussion of the business problem; drawing of a solution; gathering of the necessary data; building of the model using machine learning techniques interacting with the business unit; and present the solution to the business unit. The intern will be responsible for the project, together with a coach from the Data Science team. While developing the project the intern will learn soft and technical skills. Portuguese knowledge is not a prerequisite.

Interested? Send an email with subject ‘C6Bank Summer 2019’ to mit-brazil@mit.edu attaching your resume. Please do this, even if you already applied to the Brazil program through the MISTI Portal. The next step will be a conversation with the MIT-Brazil program Manager.

Student Story|Alvaro Escolan Aguilar

Alvaro Escolan Aguilar

During the summer, Alvaro developed a roadmap to implement automations in customer support to make the operation scalable and efficient. 

"The best gains of my stay were the opportunity to deep dive into the operations of a fintech company, be exposed to another culture and learn a bit of Portuguese."

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