Poatek is a young and growing technology company that attracts the top 1% of software developers. The company works with many clients from different sectors, building their mission-critical and innovative software systems. Their customers are located both in Brazil and in the USA. In addition to working on specific projects, Poatek gives their teams free time to research new topics of interest, which they then share with their colleagues to improve everyone’s collective knowledge. Poatek has a casual, laid-back environment where people work and have fun. 



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Student Story|Emily Caragay

Emily Caragay

Emily was on the data science team at Poatek and also worked with a team of other interns doing image processing and text extraction using OCR for loan approval. She performed an exploratory analysis and machine learning on a dataset form the ENEM (the Brazilian national high school exam). Emily also presented her results and made it digestible. 

"I gained technical experience in data science which is important and showed me a little what that field would be like. I also learned about working in a team and the SCRUM format of a company. I became better at navigating things for myself and trusting myself. 

Poatek was extremely welcoming and devoted to making our experience good. They gave me a lot of flexibility to work on what I wanted, and gave me a dedicated mentor.  

I definitely have a much better understanding of Brazil and the culture and politics there. I knew nothing before and really enjoyed learning."

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