Pollux is the most innovative industrial technology company in Brazil. “Our purpose is simple: to increase industry competitiveness. We deliver solutions that make factories more productive, efficient and smart, allowing customers to win in an increasingly competitive global scenario.” 



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We look for students with good programming skills, interest in technology. The IIoT business unit is oriented in Big data, analytics, and machine learning.

Student Story|Leah Vogel

Leah Vogel

The majority of Leah's work involved modeling mechanical designs for new projects or iterating on existing designs, all in Solidworks.

"During my internship I saw one of my designs physically made by a manufacturer and delivered to a client! I also made physical prototypes for the vision team so that they could test the software for new ideas that they were pursuing. Even though it wasn't my specialty, I also had the chance to learn more about vision systems and deep learning, which was really interesting. Our coworkers were incredibly friendly and helpful while we were trying to settle down in a completely new country, one of the things that I was most pleasantly surprised by was the friends that I made while in Brazil. Through a futsal group, Megan and I became close friends with multiple of the girls, and ended up hiking and exploring Santa Catarina with them. 

Professionally, my internship was valuable in helping me narrow down what I'd like to do in my career. Personally, spending a summer abroad in Brazil helped give me a different perspective on the world. The friendliness of the people we met in Brazil has inspired me to try to lead a more open life back in Boston. The northeast could use a little bit more Brazilian warmth."



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